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We are working to develop oral integrin therapies for patients with immunological, fibrotic, neoplastic and vascular diseases.

Morphic is joining a three-decade quest led by our scientific founder, Tim Springer, who initially discovered the integrin receptor family in the 1980s. This receptor family is an important drug target that has fueled the successful development of six injectable therapies approved for treatment of multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, plaque psoriasis, acute coronary syndrome and complications during percutaneous coronary intervention.

Despite blockbuster commercial success, integrins have remained out of reach as small molecule drugs…until now.

Tim’s lab and a post-doc named Albert Lin first cracked the puzzle by identifying the molecular mode of action that leads to agonistic responses that result in the negative clinical outcomes, rather than their intended antagonism.

We are building on new insights to realize this opportunity.

The Morphic technology platform consists of three parts.

  1. Proprietary protein reagents, know how and crystal structures: Tim’s is the only lab that has been able to elucidate multiple integrin structures.
  2. Proprietary chemistry know how that is able to lock integrins into particular confirmations coupled with biology assays to validate structure and function.
  3. A co-founding partnership with Schrödinger for computational chemistry capabilities.

We invite you to discover more about The Morphic platform here, and to learn about our initial areas of focus — autoimmunity, fibrosis, vascular disorders and immuno-oncology.

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