MInT Platform and Strategy

A leading platform for oral integrin development

Morphic has developed MInT (the Morphic Integrin Technology Platform), an effective drug discovery platform that combines a proprietary understanding of integrin target dynamics and other internal capabilities with foundational structural biology insights and ongoing input from the Springer laboratory, the long-term integrin research leader.

The Springer laboratory’s insights have informed Morphic’s exclusive know-how in the development of molecules that stabilize specific integrin receptor conformations, leading to a small molecule chemical library that contains nearly 7000 uniquely designed integrin inhibitors and activators.

The MInT Platform enables the company to be the only team working across the entire 24-member integrin target class, and consists of core capabilities across integrin biology and structural analysis, therapeutic candidate design, and translational development.

The Morphic target class strategy for effective oral integrin development

Morphic’s discovery capabilities span every member of the 24-member integrin family and include both inhibitors and activators of integrin activity. The ongoing contributions of the long-term integrin research leaders at the Springer laboratory inform Morphic’s growing internal capabilities. Complete dedication to integrin therapeutics yields a wide variety of internal synergies to benefit Morphic’s programs in a positive feedback loop. For example, assays against a particular integrin may be transferrable to another, reducing de novo assay development for each new target., creating a virtuous cycle of drug discovery.

Unique Structure Determination Platform

  • Capability to solve structures for all high priority targets
  • Numerous proprietary structures over 9 different integrins
  • Proprietary constructs, cell lines, and crystallization know-how

Schrödinger Computational Platform

Our partnership with Schrödinger LLC® enables us to design molecules with atomic precision utilizing state of the art structure-guided drug design technology with the following key software technologies: FEP+ for free energy calculation; Glide for ligand-receptor binding; Induced Fit for prediction of ligand induced conformational changes in receptor active sites; and WaterMap for ligand optimization – to name a few.

Integrin Inhibitor Design Platform

  • Design of inhibitors for disease appropriate integrin state
  • Assays to select the best inhibitors and to fully characterize them
  • PK/PD analyses and optimization
  • Translational biology capabilities