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If you’re serious about your career in Biopharma, you need a better approach.

*HiPO will only benefit Biopharma working professionals in technical or business functions

HiPO’s are talked about; get the best opportunities; and have major impact. Become one with a free 16 lesson course. In your inbox weekly.

Imagine yourself as one of BioPharma’s select few.

HiPO is a free course created for Morphic Therapeutic employees based on 15 years of research, interviews with dozens of CSOs, senior Discovery and Development professionals; and HiPOs throughout the industry.

There is no list of shortcuts; no flash in the pan career trends; and no promises of instant success. It’s not for everyone.

It is meant for those with industry experience who now want to hit the accelerator.

Though the path is readily available to all by using these techniques, it takes motivation and at least a couple of focused hours a week for the self-guided exercises.


1 The lifecycle of your career and your position in it.
2 How to assess your required skills and required depth?
3 What does a HiPO look like?
4 HiPO case studies – how they navigate their careers?
5 Building theory – inductive and deductive reasoning.
6 Developing a model of your career.
7 The Difference between Performance and Practice.
8 How do you actually improve? HiPO case studies.
9 The role of your environment and how to adjust it.
10 How to get Better – the mindset of the HiPO.
11 What the daily schedules of HiPOs look like?
12 Measuring your Impact.
13 What does knowledge transformation look like for HiPOs?
14 Habits and routines of a HiPO.
15 Scheduling.
16 Testing your assumptions; making course corrections; and making it stick.

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Infused through each weekly email are industry-wide interviews with HiPOs and senior Discovery and Development executives – hard won lessons, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid.

We have conducted so much research that we had to painfully cut to make the course manageable. We’re working to make that research available as well, possibly in a daily format.

Note that this course is in Beta and we are receiving and implementing feedback in real-time.

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