See inside the Gatehouse BioHub: No other labs in all of BioPharma are as deeply integrated

Integration between biotech and Big Pharma has never before looked like this.

Both Astra Zeneca and Morphic Therapeutic decided to forego an originally planned divider wall. As far as we know, this creates the 1st completely integrated labs between Big Pharma and Biotech leading to valued personal interaction; and sharing of ideas, equipment, and resources.

The Gatehouse BioHub

Credit entirely belongs to Astra Zeneca (AZ) for a vision of unprecedented collaboration and interaction.

Built by AZ in 2000, three buildings nestled quietly in the scenic woods of Waltham, Massachusetts comprise a vibrant research community for scientists from Astra Zeneca, Morphic Therapeutic, Corvidia, Entasis, Persomics, QIAGEN, and Xtuit.

At 382,000 square feet, the BioHub is absolutely massive and loaded with prime laboratory space and high-tech details.

Pooled Resources for Industry wide Interdisciplinary Technical Lectures.

BioHub members waiting to hear a  Scientific Talk from an academic expert.  The BioHub has a 150 seat auditorium with state of the art audio / video equipment.

BioHub Christmas Party 2016.

Astra Zeneca knows how to celebrate a productive year – 4 chefs; dozens of themed food items spread across the expansive work areas.